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2022 Webinars

In Data We Trust

Presenters: Christopher Amherst and Mahmoud Youssef
Original Presentation Date: June 2022

Don't Stop Achievin': A Goal Planning Journey

Presenters: Anne Dean and Catherine Flaatten
Original Presentation Date: May 2022

Addressing Inappropriate Constituent Behavior

Presenters: Dana Ulrich and Jon Thorsen
Original Presentation Date: April 2022

Annual IRS Update with John Taylor

Presenters: John Taylor
Original Presentation Date: March 2022


2021 Webinars

Taking Care of Our Teams – and Ourselves – During the Evolving "New Normal"

Presenters: Margie Hirose, Stephanie Norton, and Shelby Radcliffe
Original Presentation Date: June 2021

A Case Study on Gift Acceptance Committees,& Lessons Learned Along the Way

Presenters: Rebekah Spaulding and Michal Shaw
Original Presentation Date: May 2021

Annual IRS Update

Presenters: John Taylor
Original Presentation Date: March 2021

Metrics for Prospect Research & Advancement Services

Presenters: Catherine Flaatten and Jon Thorsen
Original Presentation Date: February 2021


2020 Webinars

Advancing Ethics and Compliance – A Joint Best Practices Webinar with ADRP and Apra

Presenters: Elizabeth Goodman, Necie Steward, Keri Kallaway, Jon Thorsen (moderator)
Original Presentation Date: June 2020

Insider's View During Uncertain Times

Presenters: Shomari White, Anita Lawson, Jessica Schrider LaBorde, Lynne Wester (moderator)
Original Presentation Date: May 2020

IRS Rules and Regulations - What You Don't Know Might Hurt You!

Presenter: John Taylor
Original Presentation Date: January 2020


2019 Webinars

GDPR and Privacy Regulations - Serving Our Constituents in the EEA and Beyond

Presenter: Terry Callaghan
Original Presentation Date: November 2019

Matching Gift Administration: It's Not What It Used To Be

Presenters: Gail Ferris, Ann House, and Mary Prats
Original Presentation Date: September 2019

International (Wo)Men of Mystery: An Analyst's Guide to Vetting International Prospects

Presenter: Lindsey Nadeau
Original Presentation Date: May 2019

Gender Matters: A Practical Approach to Grow Women's Philanthropy

Presenter: Kathleen Loehr
Original Presentation Date: March 2019

Legislative and IRS Update 2019: What You Don't Know Might Hurt You
Presenter: John Taylor
Original Presentation Date: January 2019


2018 Webinars

Alumni Engagement – Measurement & Analytics
Presenter: Terry Callaghan
Original Presentation Date: November 2018

The Art and Science of Donor Stewardship Reporting
Presenter: Sarah Sims
Original Presentation Date: September 2018

Maximizing Strategies for Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs)
Presenters: Bond Lammey and Lindsey Nadeau
Original Presentation Date: May 2018

Technology Adoption, Onboarding, and Training
Presenter: Monica M. Keith
Original Presentation Date: March 2018

Gift Receipting
Presenter: Alan Hejnal
Original Presentation Date: January 2018


2017 Webinars

Advancement Metrics/Reporting
Presenter: Joshua M. Birkholz
Original Presentation Date: November 2017

Staff Incentives for Retention
Presenters: Ann House and Lynne Becker
Original Presentation Date: November 2017

Digital Donor Relations: The Role of Social Media in Stewardship
Presenter: Jonathan Brooks
Original Presentation Date: May 2017

Whose Money is This? Gift Processing with Third Parties Involved
Presenter: Maureen Trafford
Original Presentation Date: March 2017

What Counts, What Doesn't Count, and How Should You Count What Counts: The CASE Reporting Standards and Management Guidelines for Fundraising
Presenter: John Taylor
Original Presentation Date: January 2017


2016 Webinars

Evaluating and Selecting Vendor Products & Services That Meet Business Goals
Presenters: Jennifer Liu-Cooper and Robert Weiner
Original Presentation Date: November 2016

Prospect Screening: Your Roadmap for Measurable Results
Presenter: Jenny Kleintop
Original Presentation Date: May 2016

Individual and Custom Stewardship Plans for Top Donors
Presenter: Lynne Wester
Original Presentation Date: March 2016

IRS Update & Refresher 2016: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
Presenter: John Taylor
Original Presentation Date: January 2016


2015 Webinars

Using Data and Metrics to Promote the Value of Advancement Services
Presenters: Sylvia Galen and Jon Thorsen
Original Presentation Date: December 2015

Big Data: The Myths, Realities and Potential
Presenters: David Lawson
Original Presentation Date: May 2015

Bridging the Counting Methodologies Between Advancement & Finance
Presenter: Aaron Forrest
Original Presentation Date: March 2015


2014 Webinars

Enhancing Stewardship Through Pledge Reminders: A Team Effort
Presenter: Gail Ferris
Original Presentation Date: December 2014

Creative Funding Models in Advancement
Presenters: John H. Taylor
Original Presentation Date: September 2014

Prospect Research on a Shoestring
Presenters: Lori Hood Lawson and Meredith Hancks
Original Presentation Date: July 2014

What Your Data Isn't Telling You
Presenter: Steve Beshuk
Original Presentation Date: May 2014

Professional Development for Advancement Services Staff
Presenter: Jon Thorsen
Original Presentation Date: March 2014

Reinventing Gift Processing
Presenter: Terry Callaghan
Original Presentation Date: February 2014


2013 Webinars

Nuts and Bolts of Gift Agreements
Presenters: Ann House and Lynn Becker
Original Presentation Date: November 2013

Shades of Gray Matter
Presenters: Lisette Clem and Wendy Gasparri
Original Presentation Date: August 2013

Combining Affinity, Engagement & Capacity to build a Pipeline of Donors
Presenter: Mark Koenig
Original Presentation Date: June 2013

Data Acquisition & Stewardship
Presenter: Terry Callaghan
Original Presentation Date: April 2013

Building Accountability, Transparency and Buy-in Using Prospect Management
Presenters: Gail Ferris, Paula Palhus, and Devon Gessert
Original Presentation Date: February 2013